Welcome to impressioncymbals.co.uk the UK online store for Impression Cymbals.

Click on the “Shop” link above to browse our range of cymbals that we currently have available. If there is a particular cymbal you are after, and don’t see it listed, we can order it for you – please email info@impressioncymbals.co.uk with your requirements.

Impression cymbals are manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey from B20 bronze and are 100% hand hammered. Many of the cymbalsmiths in the Impression factory are experienced drummers, therefore they know what makes a great sounding cymbal – and remember all Impression Cymbals carry a 2 year warranty.

“All of these cymbals are good; some of them are seriously good.” – Rhythm Magazine (Rock and Jazz Series review)

“The rides are near faultless” – Rhythm Magazine (Dark Series review)