Welcome to impressioncymbals.co.uk the UK online store for Impression Cymbals.

You can browse and shop online, but we would also encourage you to visit our retailers – Impression cymbals are 100% hand hammered therefore all cymbals have their own unique qualities which are best experienced live.

We believe that every cymbal purchase should be for the exact cymbal that suits your sound – which can be a very personal preference for a drummer – therefore every individual cymbal for sale on our site has its own listing; is shown with the weight in grams and, where available, a short video of the actual cymbal you will receive!

Impression cymbals are manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey from B20 bronze and are 100% hand hammered. Many of the cymbalsmiths in the Impression factory are experienced drummers, therefore they know what makes a great sounding cymbal – and remember all Impression Cymbals carry a 2 year warranty.