Illuminati Series Cymbals

Sounding modern and urban in this context, the Illuminati Series are partially lathed, partially polished on top for great looks on stage to go with the refined sound.

Traditional Series
Due to their weight distribution, these cymbals sound lower and fuller than their weight suggests, yet offer a pronounced high pitch punch. Made for rock and metal, the fast attack of the crashes and the penetrating ping of the rides easily cut through layers of amplified guitars. The ride cymbals come equipped with a monster-sized bell by default.

– Hand Hammered B20 Bronze
– Partially Lathed Top, Fully Lathed Bottom
– Polished Finish on Unlathed Top Area
– Thin to Extra Heavy

Please see below the Illuminati Series cymbals we currently have in stock. If you are after a particular cymbal and don’t see it listed, we can order it for you – please email with any enquiries.

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